"Swirling Surf" oil/canvas 24 x 48 by Casey Chalem Anderson

“Swirling Surf” oil/canvas 24 x 48 by Casey Chalem Anderson

The waves come in, the waves go out. I paint it in, I repaint it out. Often people have asked me, “how long did it take to paint that picture?”. I never know the answer. I know approximately how long the painting was on my easel, but determining when a painting is completed is a complicated task and an integral part of the process. Sometimes I wish someone would tap me on the shoulder and tell me to leave it as it is. I always fall in love at the beginning of my paintings. They are like a new relationship so filled with potential. I strive for boldness and defined shapes but I find them by feeling my way there like a blind person touching everything in her path.

I want to whittle down to just the essentials, I want to paint just what is needed.  Leonardo da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. I want that, it is where I’m headed but for me it’s a process of discarding the unnecessary.  Like the tides at the beach, it’s back and forth.  Only when I feel balance, rhythm and enough open space can I peacefully rest and call the painting finished.

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