Bay at Long Beach pencil sketch

Bay at Long Beach pencil sketch

Sketching in pencil by the side of the beach takes me back in time.  I feel connected to the art of the past. After all, making marks on a surface is one of the most basic human expressions of communication. We have drawings in caves and on rocks dating back to prehistoric times. Drawing is an alternative to words.
I take a rectangular sheet of paper, and with the point of some graphite describe an approximation of what I am seeing and feeling.  When the lines and the scratches are in the right place, the water is liquid and the ground is solid enough to walk on.

Somehow in viewing a drawing we can suspend our usual reality, relax and allow ourselves an easy tour through a space.

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Special Art Offer: This year I decided that each month I would take 10% of my art sales and donate it to a different charity that I know.  This month that charity is “Have A Heart Community Trust” in Southampton, N.Y.

They give direct emergency relief to residents of the East End of Long Island in times of crisis.

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