Casey Chalem Anderson  "Sep's Flower Field" oil on linen 24 x 36

Casey Chalem Anderson “Sep’s Flower Field” oil on linen 24 x 36

Light in the Fields

There is something different about the fields here on the East End in the Hamptons precisely because we are near the sea.  There is a unique quality of light, a quality that is created by sunlight reflecting off the ocean, the bays and the salt water inlets and coves.

Whenever you are looking at a field of corn, a row of potatoes, or an explosion of colorful flowers all lined up in geometric rows, the light sparkles. Even if you can’t see the water from where you are standing, you can feel it in the air. You understand it is close and that makes all the difference.

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This month I will be donating 10% of my sales to the Peconic Land Trust. I am a founding member of  Plein Air Peconic, the artist group dedicated to helping the Peconic Land Trust conserve the natural beauty of the East End of Long Island.


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