Golden Green Blaze oil sketch on paper

Golden Green Blaze oil sketch on paper

Living by the water all year round in New England has its challenges.  There is the flooding, the Nor’Easters, piercing wet weather and whipping winds.  But after a dismal unrelenting gray day, very often a mini miracle takes place.

It happened just now.

The sun drops below the cloud cover, bounces over the bay and pierces its way through your very being. All is golden yellow, jade green and bright.  After being hidden and inaccessible during the day, the sensation of light just blazes through everything.

Glorious colors and light unique to this very moment reveal themselves. The light pours down and flashes off the surface of the water as if to remind us not to ever doubt the force of nature.

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Special Art Offer: This year I decided that each month I would take 10% of my art sales and donate it to a different charity that I know.  This month that charity is “Have A Heart Community Trust” in Southampton, N.Y.

They give direct emergency relief to residents of the East End of Long Island in times of crisis.


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