Saltspray Roses with Blue Bay at Sag Harbor

Saltspray Roses with Blue Bay at Sag Harbor

Small Dune with Saltspray Roses

Small Dune with Saltspray Roses

“Those that find beauty in all of nature will find themselves at one with the secrets of life itself.”

L.W. Gilbert

Now that the weather is warmer, I’ve been able to get outside to paint.  When you are plein air painting the challenges can be enormous.  The weather can be too wet, the sun too hot or the wind can make standing by your easel hazardous. Not to mention biting insects and lugging your paint and easel a bit farther than you want to get to a prime spot. But when it works out and you find yourself in front of an inspiring subject, it can be glorious!

I had so much fun painting this small dune blooming with rosa rugosa (aka saltspray rose) by the bay in Sag Harbor.  Without hesitation I jumped in and started to carve the shape of the dune with my brush.  I was furiously mixing the colors I observed, creating new mixtures and combinations I haven’t used before.

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This month I will donate 10% of my sales of prints and paintings to the Peconic Bay Keeper. They do crucial work to protect and restore Long Island’s drinkable, swimmable, and fishable waters.  Please go to to find out how you can help. It’s all about clean water!


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