Casey Chalem Anderson Aqua Storm 30 x 48 oil on canvas

Casey Chalem Anderson Aqua Storm 30 x 48 oil on canvas

I bet you can’t wait to get to the beach on a day that is warm enough to sink your feet right into the sand and feel a warm breeze relax your whole body. Just imagining what that will be like helps while the weather is still so raw. Looking a painting or photo of what you are craving can bring you right into a moment like that. You can feel so peaceful that your shoulders drop, your breath slows and you settle back into yourself.

I’ve been spending much of my time in New York City and truly loving every moment. The rhythm, the lights, the tall buildings shooting straight up and the energy of people everywhere is staggering. I love it but I need balance. Gazing at a painting I brought along of the tranquil horizon line where the sea meets the sky, I can access calm instantly.  How it works? I’m not sure , but it helps ground me every time. See if it works for you no matter where you are!

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