Unknown 8 x 10 inches oil/wood

Direction Unknown 8 x 10 inches oil/wood


My abstract paintings generate thoughts that can’t quite be expressed in a traditional painting. We are bewildered in the face of the new world we now live in and that calls for new perspective. We have to think differently. We have to learn how to function when we feel off kilter and unresolved.

Here vectors and arcs converge with vertical parallel lines to create a new space. A space that is as real as any we knew previously. The paint is enclosed and the colors contained but the paint still seeps. Sections overlap and colors are obscured. Your attention is invited to consider the significance of boundaries, protection, security and control.

Sea Glass Wave

“Sea Glass Wave” oil/panel 12 x 12 inches by Casey Chalem Anderson

On another note……With everything outdoors such a dull flat gray I’m fantasizing about the time that color returns to the East End. It will feel so good!

This small ocean wave painting made in 2020 and sends me right back to days walking along the beach. My spirits always lift inside when I witness the blues and greens that return in Spring. The delicate transparency of a rising wave contrasting with the exuberant burst of foam makes me feel so alive.

I’m donating this work to the upcoming Sag Harbor Partnership’s virtual art fundraiser to commemorate the 175th Anniversary of the Village of Sag Harbor. It launches March 26. I’ll send the link to the show when I have it.

In 2020, the Partnership sponsored $100,000 of community relief to organizations, meeting urgent needs like food insecurity, childcare, and mental and physical healthcare.  To continue this work, including support for the John Steinbeck Park in Sag Harbor, we are asking for your help in a way that will benefit you too.

Info on Sag Harbor Partnership: https://www.sagharborpartnership.org/

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